If you’re an App addict, Madrid is the place to be

Turismo Madrid

Life is not what it used to be. Apps have changed it all and Madrid doesn’t lag behind. I still remember my formative years in Spain’s capital when I wandered into lesser known parts of the city and asked fellow pedestrians for a particular address. Everyone obliged. Sometimes, they even argued amongst themselves in order to provide me with the proper directions. Nowadays, all I have to do is pull out my cell phone. Everything is just one click away. So, App users, don’t hesitate.

All you need to know in order to get around in Madrid will easily surface on your mobile device’s touchscreen. No need to engage in small talk with the locals eye to eye. At least, it’s not compulsory like it used to be. Human interaction is not altogether avoided, however. You can always resort to the comments and recommendations provided by other App users who can guide you through the process of accessing your destination and what to expect once you get there.

No stone is left unturned in the App world. Seeking company once you arrive in Madrid? Need some advice regarding student needs if spending a year abroad? How’s the weather, what are the best museums, hotels, bars, terraces, leisure activities, means of public transportation, cultural and sporting events, neighborhoods and services of all kinds? Pull out your cell. It’s all in there…and it’s fast. As fast as your brain and legs can absorb it all. There is a plus: the fascination of the unknown. All you have to do is google any inclination you may have, hidden or otherwise, add “App” to the search and the sought-after location will most likely immediately pop out. Keep in mind that Madrid is as cosmopolitan as you can get. And, last but not least, it should be noted that Madrid is capital of the world in the Pokemon-GO frenzy. So, as I said, come to Madrid and see for yourself. There’s something for everyone, everywhere. The Apps will get you there.

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