Tourism in Madrid, Toledo, Avila and Segovia. Summer of 2017

The third week of July has been very happy and active for our small, enthusiastic and well versed Madrid Museum Tours team. One thing saddens us, however: not being able to comply with all the reservations we receive. Our capacity is limited and we apologize to all travelers to which we were unable to send a confirmation.

Undoubtedly, one of the most rewarding aspects of our work is to establish direct contact with visitors from all over the world. We will always be grateful to our clients for sharing with us so many interesting things about their respective countries. It is such pleasure as well to listen to their enlightening opinions on the main issues which face us today as citizens of the world. Also, engraved in our memories, there remain unforeseen situations that increase the entertainment of our tours, all different, because we adapt ourselves to the spur of the moment interests expressed by travelers. For example, how lucky was the guide who accompanied to Toledo the family of Mr. Joseph Chang of Hong Kong. It was a real pleasure to admire Mr. Chang’s profound knowledge of world politics, Spain included. Back in Madrid, we accompanied our new friends from Hong Kong to buy “serrano ham”, quality ‘super extra’, Spain’s unique contribution to universal culinary achievements. And the delight continued as we watched how a cut artist transformed in just 1 hour and 5 minutes part of a leg of excellent, well cured acorn ham into 30 bags of thin slices, vacuum packed. The best, the final comment of Mr. Chang: “I take home a little of the best of Spanish culture”. Puerto Rico and Florida came the family of Mr. Pons. They brought true and colorful joy with them. All the tours they booked with us were constantly ‘spiced up’ with light-hearted jokes and anecdotes. The Pons family was comprised of three different generations, but in reality the age difference between them was erased by their ‘youthful’ common vision of life. Thank you very much dear family for such contagious display of cheerfulness during three unforgettable tours of the Prado and Madrid, Toledo and Avila and Segovia. We sincerely hope that they were as rewarding an experience to all of you as it was to us. Although perhaps the most endearing moment was the smile of Ethan, the youngest son of the Polly family in Washington, when we entered the store specializing in football goalkeeper gloves. Ethan, a goalkeeper and passionate fan of Manchester United although very likely to soon change to Real Madrid, had never seen such collection of goalkeeper gloves so varied and spectacular. Actually, the Polly family had booked a Madrid Complete Tour but the highlight of the day was, without a doubt, the smile of Ethan which lasted until Chinchón, the last stage of the tour.

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