Real Madrid Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid’s Chamartin district

Turismo Madrid

Most Real Madrid fans and followers the world around tend to believe that the football (soccer) club’s present popularity is the product of household names like Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Casillas and the like. They might have heard of Di Stéfano and the ten trophies Real has won as best European club in history. Foreign visitors who have approached the restored and state of the art stadium may have looked up at the facade and seen the caption which presides over it: Estadio Santiago Bernabeú. Does it ring a bell? It might but what really matters is to step into the stadium and get ready to enjoy a magic session of top quality football. As for myself, this name brings back memories linked to my youth. I have always lived in the Chamartín district where the stadium is located. As a matter of fact, Chamartín was the original name of  what was to become Real’s coliseum.  It was at walking distance from my home and the German High School where I studied. Right down the street. Places and images of formative years never to be forgotten. As for the present, our company’s headquarters is less than a mile away. So the stadium brings back remembrances of things past and the excitement of modern times witnessing epic afternoons of the best football available. So, who was Santiago Bernabeú? Click on the link above and find out about the significance of Real’s most decisive president.

He set the foundation for the glorious times that have spread throughout the world. I still remember when he passed away in 1978. I was finishing my Master Degree in Germany and had come home to visit. I entered the stadium and paid homage to the man who made it all possible. Nowadays, one of Private Madrid Museum Tours most endearing experiences is a visit to the Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeú Stadium. From a professional and a personal perspective. Everyone is welcome to share it.

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