Prado Museum private Tours. To tell stories like movies

Museo del Prado

I love the art of painting and  I also love movies. Our tours are like movies and tell the stories hidden behind the masterpieces of the Prado. Sometimes, there are tragedies or dramas. Sometimes, there are comedies or farces, as it also happens in the movies.

In the movies, feelings, passions, intrigues and a varied range of emotions are developed throughout the story. The same thing happens in the art of painting, though perhaps not so clearly as in cinema for the untrained eye.

In our tour of the Prado Museum we expose the secrets of the Masterpieces as if we were telling a story we have enjoyed in the cinema. Unveiling the hidden secrets of a painting is like telling a story. There’s always a fascinating tale looking at the beholder waiting to be discovered. Therefore, we have studied and researched the Prado, in order to tell its stories in an entertaining and enlightening manner.

We like our Prado Tours to be an unforgettable experience. We do not like boring movies and we abhor boring tours. Sydney Lumet, the great American film director, wrote that style is how a movie is told. He also wrote that the best style is the one which is not seen, but felt. In the art of painting, for instance, it is exciting to enjoy the style of Velázquez, as well as the style of many other geniuses, because, despite the variety of themes which are present in his paintings during the various periods of his artistic life, having apparently nothing in common, we feel clearly that they came unmistakably from the magic brush of Velázquez.

Styles, techniques, stories, feelings, the secrets of the paintings and artists of the Prado are the light that illuminates our tours. Let the movie begin.

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