Madrid Water and Farewell to Winter

Excursiones cerca de Madrid

The tap water we have in Madrid comes from 5 river basins and it is stored in 14 Reservoirs, most of it located North of the region. The North Region of Madrid has an unspoiled Sierra composed of Conifer and Beech Forests, lovely Stone villages, mighty Rivers which offer, all together, landscapes of great natural beauty.
Cuenca rio LozoyaWe invite you to enjoy 2 wonderful Hiking trails through such places, generally unknown for travelers: Find more out about our Private Tours Hiking in Rural Madrid or Mountain Trekking with visit to Medieval Castle. Through a 5600 miles big network of distribution pipes, water flows from the 14 Reservoirs to 22 huge Water Tanks in the city, which will collect and distribute it to the 21 districts of Madrid. Be sure that the tap water you have in your hotel or apartment is of excellent quality and it’s the result of a rigorous treatment of drinking water, executed at 12 specialized Stations that the city has for this purpose.

Canal Isabel II. Deposito de Agua

I live in the District of Chamartín and, few steps from my apartment, is the Fourth Water Tank surrounded by my favorite Park in town. Most of the 22 Madrid Water Tanks are in the center of public parks. I think that The Fourth Water Tank Park is an accurate but too long and aseptic name. This is why I have changed its name to a more personal nickname, just Canal Park, my favourite park in Madrid. Actually, none of our 43 tours pass or will ever pass through here. Madrid has many parks that are better than this one to say goodbye to winter, with all the ceremony this event deserves. Although, I might do the same, intimately, in my ‘own and private Canal Park.’

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