Madrid Tourist Attractions 2016. It was a very good year

Turismo Madrid

2016 bids farewell and, as far as Madrid locals and visitors are concerned, there is not much to regret. In these times that’s not a venturous appraisal. Spain’s capital remains an agreeable place to live in and exciting to visit. According to a recent survey, Madrid ranks high as a city with a top quality of life. People who come here, feel welcome and that’s important, for starters. Then, there’s a lifestyle which combines a sense of belonging with a variety of cultural and leisure activities which makes life less burdensome.

Of course, perfection is unreachable but that’s O.K. “nobody’s perfect”, as Joe E. Brown tells Jack Lemmon in the ending line of “Some like it Hot”. The year that comes to an end has brought to “madrileños” and visitors much to feel satisfied about. Art exhibits like Bosch’s 5th Centenary at the Prado Museum and Renoir’s “Intimacy” at the Thyssen-Bornemisza; operas like “Otello” at the Teatro Real; rock concerts which brought old timers The Who and Neil Young to the Mad Cool Festival; events, entertainment and hook-ups between locals and visitors, everything a twenty-first century metropolis has to offer. Madrid is a faithful provider to all those who seek the warmth of human communication. Local soccer fans were envied and admired the world over as Real and Atlético, the city’s teams, once again fought for the title of the Champions League Final in Milan.

All this and much more attest to Madrid’s ability to generate excitement, its cultural strength and easygoing lifestyle. Regarding our own professional undertakings, we remained committed to give our customers the best Madrid experience Madrid Private Museum Tours can provide. We love this city and we enjoy sharing with others its hidden and manifest qualities. We began our  journey in 1997 and are delighted to have been the first ones to offer only private tours for individual travelers and also because in 2017 we will turn 20 !  The New Generation of our family is working hard preparing themselves to continue doing Total Quality private Tours for, at least, other 20 years.  So, don’t hesitate, book a flight to the city people love being a part of. We are waiting for you.

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