Madrid Prado Museum. Every picture tells a story

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Every picture tells a storyI was taken to museums in my youth as part of educational field trips organized by our school to enhance our aesthetic perception as students. Who hasn’t? It’s part of our collective unconscious, so to speak. We’ve all endured in our childhood boring museum visits where masterpieces were displayed in front of us as well as factual explanations, dates and events we didn’t arrive to comprehend. Art was something detached from everyday living.

Later on, it became a vocation for me. One thing led to another and soon my vocation turned into a learned profession and a small family business, thereafter. As such, I had to transform a museum visit into an engaging experience. I couldn’t afford to be boring or merely didactic. Audience apathy was the enemy. That’s when storytelling became a must. As a film buff, I knew the value of a story well told in motion pictures. It was a matter of applying those principles to silent paintings. There’s so much more to Velázquez and Goya than the power of their magnificent artistry. Same with Francis Bacon, Renoir or Edward Hopper.

My duty was to have the work of art come alive and breathe. Moreover, it was not just a matter of throwing a narrative at my select audience and expect them to become spontaneously engaged. It’s not that easy. There must be some sort of emotional connection, too. Of course, the masters hosted by our museums were bigger-than-life personalities buy they all experienced the joys and sorrows of every day human experience the same way we do.

When you share this information in a sensitive manner, that’s when you strike a chord and things become interesting for everyone concerned. After all, we are all in this together, right? Art appreciation it’s not just another compulsory chore that’s been imposed upon us. So, when you visit Madrid, check out our website, book the Private Tour of your choice and find out what I’m talking about. See you soon.


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