Madrid Prado Museum. Art and Public Image

Turismo Madrid

arte-e-imagenMadrid has more than 70 museums, the Prado being the most famous and renowned. It is a must-see for tourists from all over the world, whether they are artistically inclined or not.

I write this note on the last week of July 2015. It doesn’t need to be very extensive. The accompanying images speak for themselves and are a source of astonishment for museum visitors and make all those who love Madrid and the Prado to feel deeply ashamed.

It is unacceptable that the trash cans and surroundings of our flagship museum offer such display of negligence to our visitors.

Even more disheartening is the lack of action from the part of the official entity responsible for solving this problem.

Neither the Prado and its visitors deserve such abandonment by the newly elected City Hall.

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