16 Jun, 2017

Madrid Museum Tours hosts Hala Alyan and John Perkins . A different Madrid

En el mercado

Hala & Johnny. A different Madrid

There is no better ‘tip’ than seeing a happy face, that of our customers. When this happens, we too are happy. The satisfaction for the job well done is only surpassed by the happiness of having made our clients happy. Such happiness is even greater when old customers call on us again, an absolute delight.

Four years ago we gave one of our Private Tours to Don John Perkins. He was in charge of a large group of American students who had chosen Spain for a study trip. Let me return to the ‘tip’ of the beginning of this post. As good as a happy face: to discover during the tour that the traveler who has booked you is a person of integrity, intelligent, well versed, friendly and a lover of Spain. Add to these qualities the love of rock and roll and the ability to play it wonderfully with the guitar. This is Don John Perkins.

He belongs to the maximum category: client and friend.

This week John came to Madrid with his wife, Dona Hala Alyan, sublime artist, writer and poet. In honor of Hala, we prepared a Special Tour: a long Visit to the Prado to cover only two paintings: Las Meninas by Velázquez and the Family of Carlos IV by Goya. Thereafter, Asturian food in the restaurant Asgaya.https://madridmuseumtours.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Hala.jpg Excellent as usual is this great restaurant in the Chamartin district. After lunch, we traveled to non-tourist places of Madrid like neighborhoods where people live in beautiful ‘chalets’ amidst parks and gardens in the outskirts of the city. Then, we explored the typical streets of Madrid where music is in the air and locals buy their groceries in the Mercado del Barrio, not in supermarkets. It was a special tour, different and unforgettable. Before bidding good-bye, we recommended Hala and John to dine at Comala, where another great friend, Henry, the director, treats our clients as if they were cherished members of his own family. Most of our travelers value highly the restaurants we recommend and of course, these customers and friends, Hala and John, deserved an appropiate “icing on the cake” at the end of the evening.

Hala and John have returned home. We are left with the joy of knowing that we will see them again in Madrid some time in the near future. We are also left with the market photos and Hala’s rhymes resonating in the soul, for example the last three verses of her poem Scorpio:

If you sting, it will be a love.

If you do not sting, it will be a love.

See how we have forgiven you everything?

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