Madrid has many things to do for Culture Vultures

Turismo Madrid

Everybody knows. Madrid is a city which welcomes all visitors. In Spain’s capital, everyone feels at home. No questions asked. You melt into the cityscape and, before you know it, you become part of it as you share tapas and a cool glass of beer with your closed ones or someone you’ve just met. No one is a stranger in Madrid. And there, there is “culture” i.e. what the city has to offer in terms of delight for the senses. When I was young, tourists flocked to Madrid to experience the Spanish way of life. Fun, tapas, friendly locals, a subdued nightlife and…the Prado Museum. That was about it. Now, it’s different. The Prado is still there and visitors from all over the world flock to admire its magnificent artistic repertoire. But the landmark museum does not stand alone. In the vicinity you can find the Reina Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museums which have become standard artistic magnets for art lovers and connoisseurs. With us –Madrid Museum Tours– you can experience the city’s vast Museum world which encompasses the grandeur of the big art temples with the more intimate atmosphere of the Sorolla and the Lazaro Galdiano Museums, for example. They are only the tip of the vast cultural iceberg the city has in store for avid “culture vultures”. Cinema, performing arts, classical and modern music, state of the art cultural facilities, bookstores, street events in the summer, opera at the Royal Theatre and much more add to Madrid’s natural charm placing the city as a frontrunner of European culture. Cosmopolitan Madrid is here to stay. You can’t take it all in at once. You must be patient and indulge little by little, even if this means coming back to the city  time after time, year after year. Start by grabbing a beer at a terrace at the Plaza de Santa Ana, flanked by the ancient Teatro Español in the “Barrio de las Letras” and check out the recommendations of Time Out Madrid in your mobile devices. There is something for everyone. Find out for yourself. Madrid is not only a fun city. It embraces you with food for the spirit and the senses. Take it from someone who has discovered in the love of culture a true sense of purpose.

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