Enjoying walks in Madrid while admiring its balconies.

It is a worthwhile experience to walk around the centre of Madrid and look at its wrought iron balconies. Not only in balconies, but also in doors and street lamps, wrought iron is the main feature. The wrought iron craftsmen of the Barquillo neighborhood have disappeared but the testimonies of their good work are still standing in the iron balcony railings that, by the way, also help to decipher the approximate age of the building they decorate: The simpler its design, the older the building. In case of doubt, this simple recipe extends to the decoration of the façade, the ornamentation of the window frames, the height of the property…

Just as the Royal Palace of Madrid is the best place to admire the marvellous products created in the now extinct Royal Factories, the grilles of Madrid’s balconies remind us of the enormous quality of that lost craftwork.  They’re all a beautiful sight to behold. From the sober and elegant railings of Madrid de los Austrias to the beautiful ornaments that emerged later on the base and bars of the balconies, at the end of the 18th century.

As we said, when we walk through the centre of Madrid, let’s not forget to look up to admire and compare balconies. That is, taking care also to look at the ground, to avoid putting a shoe in any of the holes scattered on the sidewalks.

No one likes to twist an ankle for distracted walking.

Not even if the motive was to admire our beautiful latticed-barred balconies.

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