Best of day trips from Madrid. Avila and Segovia private Van Tour. An unique history-art tour unveils all about Segovia Aqueduct, Avila Wall, among other amazing spots. Gourmet lunch & admissions included.


Our suggestion for a wonderful out of Madrid day tour.

Are you looking for best day trips from Madrid ? Madrid Museum Tours offers individual travellers a private Avila and Segovia day trip from Madrid that our clients list under best 3 day trips from Madrid.

Our licensed guide will pick you up from your hotel to drive you on private Van to fascinating Segovia Spain which was built over a calcareous rock located between the rivers Eresmas and Clamores and seems to remain unaltered by the passage of time.

Philip of Anjou, the first of our Bourbon Kings ordered to build the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso. It became the seat of the royal family's summer holidays. Your licensed guide will share with you stories and royal anecdotes that took place here. Such as the many delusions of King Philip of Anjou. Only his second wife, Isabella de Farnese, managed to mitigate the King's deliriums. Philip of Anjou's son and sucessor, Louis I, ''The Well Beloved'', had some good reforms in mind. But the indecent behavior of his wife Louise, did not make it possible. To make things worse, the young King died of smallpox. He ''was in charge'' for only 8 months.

The Royal Gardens embraces the Royal Palace, forming both a well-related house/garden unit. You will see how the stroll in the nice trails of the Royal Gardens will be the most pleasant walk of your entire trip. And you will learn why these royal spots have an unquestionable historical meaning.

We will be met by the grandiose Aqueduct of Segovia, nearly 15 miles long, which makes itself visible in the final stretch of 918 yards long. It is equipped with 167 arcs, 120 pillars, 30 yards high, 20.400 pieces of granite and a top channel through water flowed at a speed of 8 gallons per second. The Aqueduct of Segovia date of construction is estimated around 112 years before Christ. It appears to remain oblivious to the passage of time and presents itself intact to the astonished eyes of travelers. The city of Segovia Spain takes exceptional good care of its countless treasures. We will enjoy strolling through the Barrio de los Caballeros, the Jewish district and the Canonjias. Highlight of Segovia’s private tour will be lunch in best restaurant in town, where you can taste, if you wish, the famous and tender suckling pig of Segovia, roasted at 392º Fahrenheit in a wood-fired oven.

Avila Spain will greet us with its 11th. century Avila Wall, a National Monument since 1984 and an identity sign of the city. The Avila Wall covers an area of roughly 75 acres and serves as protection to the historic old town providing a belt more than 2,500 meters long. The average height of the walls goes up to 12 meters. It is 3 meters thick. Its 88 towers, 2,500 battlements and 9 gates amaze travellers. Aside from its walls, Avila is famous for being the birth place of Santa Teresa de Jesus, founder of the Order of Barefoot Carmelite Nuns, in which there were no social privileges of any kind, as was usual in other nun orders. At the same time, she was a woman well ahead of her time and could be considered a pacific but persistent fighter for women's rights. In our private tour we will visit all spots where she lived in Avila Spain to get deeper into the life of that admirable person.

At the end of our Avila and Segovia day trip from Madrid private tour, you will be an expert in the history of the Origins of Spain.


1 - 2 personsSMALL VAN 766 €
3 - 4 personsSMALL VAN 927 €
5 - 6 personsBIG VAN1068 €

*Prices in euros per tour, not per person (21% VAT to be added)

TOUR PRICES ( 7-14 persons )

Price €162207191178168159152145

*Prices in euros per person (21% VAT to be added)


Length: 9 hours from Mondays to Sundays, in Private Car or De Luxe Coach.

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish.

Pick up / Drop off: Your hotel in Madrid.

Tickets: Price includes tickets to the Segovia Alcazar and the Avila Wall.

Lunch: Including Gourmet Menu in Segovia’s best restaurants.

Driver: Your driver is licensed guide of Madrid and Art Historian.

Cancellations: before 8 days of the tour: NO penalization.

Less than 7 days before the Tour: 100% cancellation cost.

Book this tour: Please fill in the contact form and we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm it.