January 23, 2019

Prado Museum and Toledo. From Madrid full day private tour

1 full day. Prado Museum -Toledo Nothing is the same as it used to be', we nostalgics say when we remember the good old days. However, there are many things that are better now. For example, our private '2 Hits in 1 Day' tour.
January 23, 2019
Conchita Montenegro

Madrid story for Travelers. Dora Maar and Conchita Montenegro. Sad eyes ; 1943

They say it was 1943 when Picasso said goodbye to Dora Maar and her heart turned into petals of black carnations scattered throughout. In 1943, Conchita Montenegro filmed her farewell to cinema with her romantic portrayal of Lola Montes, which was released a year later. The sad eyes of Dora and Conchita were prettier than those of Bette Davis but no one has dedicated a song to them.
October 10, 2018

Do you know the Royal Palace of Madrid ? All you need to know about it

The Royal Palace of Madrid is at the same site as the Umayyad Fortress. This Fort was erected at the end of the 9th century, to defend Toledo. The first Bourbon King of Spain, Philip V. ordered to built The Royal Palace of Madrid. It has beautiful Ionic columns and Doric pilasters. Made with limestone of Colmenar de Oreja . Its base is of grey granite from the Sierra de Guadarrama. Its 2800 rooms, finished in only 17 years.
October 10, 2018

5 Best Tours Around Madrid That You Should Do

To visit Madrid is to tour the Prado Museum, the Royal Palace or the Real Madrid Soccer Stadium. The cocido madrileno is the most popular speciality of Madrid’s gastronomy. There are several beautiful parks to relax in. The centre of Madrid has many attractive tourist places. It is a joy to go shopping. Madrid also offers an exciting offer in flamenco and shows. But, is there anything else to know in Madrid ? Of course, there is. A lot...
September 12, 2018

All you need to know about best Avila and Segovia Tour from Madrid

We started in 1997 with private tours for individual travellers. Many tourists do day trips to Avila and Segovia from Madrid. Most of them miss out on wonderful attractions. Those which are not included in Tour Operators (T.O.) tourist packages. If you have no choice but to book Avila and Segovia Tour with T.O. this blog may not be of interest to you. Have you decided to book a private Avila and Segovia tour with an official guide and art historian? You know how important is to have a good learning all places you visit. You are a traveler who likes private, personalized tours. You stay away from tours where tourists run behind their group. In that case, you should continue reading.
July 31, 2018

The 9 best Madrid walking tours in Madrid

Haven’t been in Madrid yet, but planning to visit it? The best way to get anywhere in Madrid’s downtown is to walk. Madrid streets and buildings are witnesses of exciting stories of all kind and time. Ready for walking tours in Madrid? This post has many things you need to know to make your first visit to Madrid an unforgettable experience! Where can I go on a walking tour in Madrid?
July 4, 2018

The most intriguing Prado Museum paintings

We can say that the Prado Museum holds many secrets in each and every one of its rooms. Each painting is spectacular and intriguing; let your imagination fly just by looking at it. The question is which the most intriguing paintings in the Prado Museum are. Although each and every one of them is special, both for its artistic and its style, one could say that there are a series of works that are more intriguing than others, either because of their dark shades or because of the legends that have been commented on.
May 31, 2018
Goya Selfportrait

All you need to know about Francisco de Goya

Francisco de Goya is one of the most important artistic icons of Spain. He was born in Zaragoza (Aragón), and is considered the main precursor of impressionism as well as the father of modern art in Spain. He started working with his father when he was only five years old, but a few years later he traveled to Madrid to train as an artist under the guidance of Francisco Bayeu. Goya started working in a tapestry factory where he learned the art of portrait painting. In 1789 Goya was declared official painter of the court of Carlos IV.

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