What is the biggest mistake tourists make booking an Avila and Segovia tour?

We started in 1997 with private tours for individual travellers. Many tourists do day trips to Avila and Segovia from Madrid. Most of them miss out on wonderful attractions. Those which are not included in Tour Operators (T.O.) tourist packages.
If you have no choice but to book Avila and Segovia Tour with T.O. this blog may not be of interest to you. Have you decided to book a private Avila and Segovia tour with an official guide and art historian?

You know how important is to have a good learning all places you visit. You are a traveler who likes private, personalized tours. You stay away from tours where tourists run behind their group. In that case, you should continue reading.

5 Powerful reasons to make the most of your day trip to Avila and Segovia from Madrid

  • You wish to enjoy attractions that are not included in a regular Avila and Segovia Tour.
  • You want to decide where to spend more time; whether in Avila or in Segovia.
  • You want to maintain a constant communication with your official guide. To ask him everything that interests you. And to learn from him all the important historical events that happened in Segovia and Avila.
  • You travel with your family and it is of priority relevance that your children learn while having fun.
  • You love photography and want to spend half an hour photographing the Walls of Or you don’t like photography and prefer to extend your lunch hour for half an hour.

3 Solutions for a perfect Avila and Segovia Tour


You choose freedom: Fulfilling the program of a trip requires organization. Perfect organization is not only based on scrupulous adherence to schedules and itineraries. An ideal Avila and Segovia Tour has to be private. You deserve total freedom for departure and return time. You decide on the length of stay at each spot included in your private tour.

You choose comfort : You know that it is not possible to do a whole 1 day Avila and Segovia Tour from Madrid by fast train. It is also very clear that there is a better option for you than being part of a Segovia and Avila one day group trip. You aim the comfort of traveling in a private van. Preferential admissions to all monuments are unavoidable. Personalized explanations by a private guide that suits 100% your preferences.

You choose full satisfaction (of your wishes) : You are a traveler who feels very sure of what you want : First , total satisfaction on your Avila and Segovia Tour. Second, an official guide who provide you quality information that exceed your demands. Third, unrestricted flexibility on the whole course of the tour. Fourth, an optimal relationship between price and quality.

Fit these reasons with what you desire? Are you in a hurry and can’t read the article until the end?

This is the perfect Avila and Segovia Private Tour you are looking for.

Here’s how we make a reality your powerful reasons to full enjoy an Avila and Segovia day trip from Madrid

Not to miss is the Royal Palace of la Granja de San Ildefonso,.

You will love to walk in its magnificent Royal Garden. And learn the fascinating history of the first Bourbon King Philip V.

Your official guide has many itineraries for you to savor the charm of Segovia’s old town.

You will find pleasure walking in the Claustra, Caballeros and Jewish Quarters. You will like to meet churches and monuments of Romanesque, Mudejar and Gothic . In short, you will be happy to discover so much art and culture that is not included in regular tours of Segovia.

The Romans founded Segovia on a limestone rock between 2 rivers : Eresmas and Clamores.

Its most famous attractions are :

The Aqueduct, an impressive public engineering demonstration of the power of Rome. Its Alcazar, last Spanish Gothic Cathedral, the imaginative esgrafiados and, especially for foodies, the Segovian suckling pig.

1985 was the year in which Segovia became World Heritage Site. 

Avila del Rey, los Leales, and of los Caballeros is the code of arms of Avila. Would you like to know few things you wouldn’t do on a T.O. package, but would still do on a private tour of Madrid Museum Tours? Our private tour of Avila will help you to get immersed in the city mystical character. Your licensed guide will share with you some of Avila’s endearing traditions. Avila corners exhale an intimate atmosphere that permeates its streets and enchant pedestrians. It seems that time passes more slower here than elsewhere. You won’t see people in a hurry and you will forget stress, walking in charming Avila streets. During our private Avila tour, we stop at a traditional bar to taste a glass of Gredos, Avila’s home-brewed beer. Sometimes, before arrival to Avila, we take a trip to a little town which was birthplace of a Spanish leader. Adolfo Suarez. He led the peaceful transition to democracy, after Franco’s death. The good and cheap local wines are a nice surprise for all kind of wine taster !

Avila is a Middle Age historic fortress of Castilla y Leon region .

Christian Kings created it to stop attacks of Moorish invaders of Toledo

Avila Wall stands on an uneven terrain and has a perimeter of 1,8 miles that protects the historic centre of 395 sq. yards. The average height of the walls is up to 40 feet and has the thickness of 10 feet. 88 towers, 2500 battlements and 9 gates. Apart of the Walls, the Teresian Route, is the main tourist attraction of the city. You will learn life and work of Santa Teresa de Avila. She was an extraordinary woman. Writer, mystic poet, reformer and persecuted by the Inquisition.

Avila has been UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984.

Why is the history of Avila and Segovia so exciting?

  • Origin of Spain: You will learn in Avila and Segovia the circumstances which led to the birth of Spain. Both cities laid in the ancient kingdom of Isabel the Catholic Queen. At the beginning, a vision of Isabel that evolved into an ideal which became the sense of her life. Yes, no doubt that Isabel’s life, the Catholic Queen, is a thrilling epic about the birth of Spain.
  • The Aqueduct of Segovia : This engineering work of more than 16000 yards long is the symbol of Segovia. As well as being a symbol of Rome domain. It served to provide to the city, the public baths and the fountains, with drinkable water. Today the aqueduct is carrying water again. You will learn about 5 provisions implemented for an optimal aqueduct conservation. And lots of curious anecdotes that happened at the feet of it during its more than 2000 years of existence.
  • The Wall of Avila: Would you like to learn the admirable history of a city that rebelled against injustice ? Such is the story of the Avila Wall. Christians, Moors and Jews, nobles and knights constructed and protected it. Over many centuries. You will walk along the Avila Wall. Touch its millennial stones. Feel its spiritual strength. Honor all the generations of its inhabitants who dedicated their lives to defend it.
  • Spanish Ideosyncrasy: Castilla and Leon was the largest kingdom at the time of Queen Isabel . Its habitants were brave and proud. The people of Segovia and Avila forge its character in wars. They had and an incombustible faith in achieving, sooner or later, a more prosperous life. Did they succeed? At the end of this private tour of Madrid Museum Tours you will know the answer.
  • The Spanish Empire: In the 16th century, Spain became the most powerful Empire. You will learn from the licensed guide of Madrid Museum Tours the keys of its emergence and decline. 2 emblematic cities of Castilla and Leon: Segovia and Avila will help you to understand . You will also learn to admire the Comuneros of Castilla. They were fearless farmers who rebel against Emperor Charles V.

( We will not hide from you the dark events of those times that filled with pain the pages of history books. Not omitting, on the other side, all exciting events that brought short term joy to Avila and Segovia.)

Why our Sightseeing is an enjoyable, comfortable and instructive Avila and Segovia tour?

Because its private tour of the Royal Palace of the Granja de San Ildefonso. Together with its Royal Collegiate Church. Both are an heavenly delight for lovers of architecture and history.

This beautiful royal palace, is a conception of the first Bourbon King of Spain, Felipe V.

He dreamed to enjoy here, in this wonderful setting, his retirement – and later eternal rest -. The Royal Palace architecture combines Spanish Baroque, French luxury and Italian refinement.

Building materials are marble , granite , blue slate roofs and pink limestone .

Our Private Tour inside the Royal Palace of the Granja de San Ildefonso begins in the main Floor. It runs through 14 royal rooms. Best set to comment on the historical events around Felipe V and, his second wife Isabel de Farnesio. Other main characters of that turbulent XVII century era were the Count of Montemar, the mayor general of the Royal Navy Jose Patinho, the minister José del Campillo . Bad times. Another war with England and, few years later, the entry of Spain into the War of the Austrian Succession.

This Royal Site will show you through all its rooms why it was so important for the Kings. It eased the many tribulations of our Bourbon Kings and Queens.

The Royal Garden surpass the magnificence of the Royal Palace itself. It covers an area of 269.097.8 sq.feet and has 67 forests. You will walk through the Royal Garden and enjoy its imposing mythological sculptures. There are more than 9 fountains, all surrounded by exuberant tree species.

In our walk in Segovia’s narrow streets, we will pass in front architectural jewels. From late Romanesque to Neoclassical. Beautiful palaces and mansions, vestiges of the most important periods of the city. In the historical Jewish, Canonjias and Caballeros Quarters of Segovia you will soak up the history of its noble buildings. Many palatial and conventual façades, to admire. Of Romanesque, Plateresque, Mudejar, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. Charming neighborhoods to stop to shoot photos. Old gates and heraldry of illustrious protagonists of past times.

Because on our Avila and Segovia Tour in private Van, you will visit places that travellers often miss. Like the Monastery of Santo Tomas in Avila, where the Catholic Monarchs, Isabel and Fernando spent some summer seasons. Here is the tomb of famous Dominican monk Thomas Torquemada. A Jew who hated Judaism and General Inquisitor of Castile and Aragon. Furthermore, during your Avila tour, we will stop at the Convent of the Incarnation. which inspired Teresa de Avila to create the Order of the Discalced Carmelites. Your guide will explain you what led the Saint to conceive such a transcendental project.

Because, as an option, you will come with us to rend a visit to the most important winery of Avila province. It will be a pleasant surprise due the quality of its wines of little known vines such as Albillo and Chelva. Incredible affordable prices. Modern facilities which will show you the complete process of the wines . From refrigeration, analytical controls, classification, temperatures, pasteurization, aseptic filtering, until bottling and labeling. You will taste the winery brands and testify later that Avila produces top quality wines . This optional excursion runs through a beautiful valley. Dense, unpolluted pine forests and rivers of fresh crystal water.

Now that you finally got all you need to know about best Avila and Segovia Tour from Madrid…


Private Avila and Segovia Tour of Madrid Museum Tours. You know that you have a total quality guarantee

You know that you will have a private tour led by an official guide and art historian. He has a passion for the artistic, cultural and touristic beauty of Avila and Segovia.

You know that your luxury private Van has comfortable seats and ample space for your legs. It will make your journey pleasant and smooth.

You also know that you will get to know other wonderful places in Segovia and Avila. Places that are not included in any other tour.

You know that on your private Avila and Segovia Tour you don’t have to run after any group. You can stop, anytime, to rest or photograph the spots you like best.

You should know that you will have the best suckling pig gourmet menu . At an elegant restaurant, where the only visitor from another country will be you.

You also know that the best private tour provides you with deep knowledge in an entertaining way. It allows you to held a constant communication with your official guide. He will answer all your questions. Never bombing you with information that is often uninteresting or difficult to remember.

Finally, you know that time passes quick. Specially when you are having a good time. This is why you like to read opinions of our clients who end up delighted with our private Avila and Segovia Tour. Like other clients, you will tell that the quality/price ratio of Avila and Segovia Tour is perfect. Not omitting that the time of the tour – despite its duration of 9 hours – past in the blink of an eye.

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