04 Apr, 2017

About Madrid delectable Tapas and Wine Bar Menus

CA Vicente Bar

They are scattered throughout the various districts of Madrid. We’re talking about the bars which are spread all over our neighborhood since time immemorial, places we flocked to in our student years to savor the cheap and homemade menu that was served in the dining room at the back. Now that we are older, we stop once in a while to relish a beer with a tapa at the bar’s counter hoping, in a stretch of our imagination, that the same waiter who served us when we were young is still there. Homely neighborhood bars with a menu ranging from 10 to 11 Euros, which you most likely will not find on Trip Advisor. Chalked blackboards in front of the restaurant proudly announce the menu of the day. Once you are tempted and decide to step in, you will not find a fancy atmosphere devised by a state-of-the-art interior designer. What you will find, lined up on the counter, is the best home cooking you can think of, honest and extremely appetizing: the classic Spanish potato omelette (with or without onions), yummy potatoes with alioli sauce, a strip of loin on crusty bread prepared by an artist of the grill, mom’s finger licking good Russian salad and, if you are not in a hurry dear traveler, give it a try and walk into the dining room at the back and enjoy the menu of the day. Today, there are lentils, grilled veal fillet, dessert and, most important, drink and bread included for only 10 Euros!

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