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Detached of the Others

17 September, 2017

In 1925, German expressionist painters highlighted the indifference and existential isolation of people living in the Great City.

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Spain’s pop music is more than this

15 May, 2017

Wasn't it a pity, wasn't it a shame...what a misrepresentation of what Spain has to offer in the realm...

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What’s in store in 2017 for Madrid

19 January, 2017

As we have stated more often than not, Madrid is not only a friendly and welcoming city, it also...

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Every picture tells a story

24 October, 2016

I was taken to museums in my youth as part of educational field trips organized by our school to...

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The best of times and the worst of times in Madrid

18 October, 2016

Let’s face it. These are not the best of times for Spain. High unemployment, political turmoil, huge budget deficit,...

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Where to experience classic films in Madrid

25 March, 2016

  As a long time film buff, I’ve always cherished watching modern and classic films in their original language...

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Goya at the Lázaro Galdiano Museum

22 March, 2016

  The Spanish Master Francisco de Goya is well featured at the Prado Museum but some of his most interesting...

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Hieronymus Bosch coming to the Prado

20 March, 2016

The Prado Museum in Madrid is hosting beginning the month of June one of the most awaited exhibits of...

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