(English) Spain’s pop music is more than this


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Spain’s pop music is more than this

Wasn’t it a pity, wasn’t it a shame…what a misrepresentation of what Spain has to offer in the realm of contemporary popular music. Madrid Museum Tours (English) Spain's pop music is more than this
We are talking about our country’s entry in this year’s edition of Eurovision Song Contest. A well deserved last place in the final tally. Don’t be fooled by what you might have endured in case you were witness to the debacle. There’s plenty of musical talent in our country and so it has been ever since we started to participate in Eurovision way back in 1961. As a teenager I remember watching the contest with my entire family gathered in front of the TV set rooting for our talented artists. I remember Massiel, Raphael, Julio Iglesias, Karina, Salome, Peret, Mocedades, Paloma San Basilio and many others. You might not be a fan of the musical genres these artists represent but there’s no room for disagreement when it comes down to their artistry and performing talent in front of an audience. So, bear with us and discover for yourself the ample offerings of our local musicians. You can do this in Madrid by visiting the many venues which accomodate live music or by attending the music festivals which take place around the city throughout the year. I can say without fear of contradiction that music is something which flows through our veins in this country. All our cities are endowed by street musicians which make strolling through the urban outdoors a rewarding experience. Our musical talent is nothing to be ashamed of. This basic truth is something those responsible for choosing our participants in international music contests should be made aware of. So, my apologies to all those TV viewers who shared my Eurovision embarrasment. Let’s hope it never happens again. Finally, my heartiest congratulations to the winner, Salvador Sobral from Portugal. Truly, a beautiful song.

Madrid Museum Tours (English) Spain's pop music is more than this

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