29 май, 2017

(English) The Madrid Book Fair at Retiro Park

The Madrid Book Fair at Retiro Park

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Time goes by and, all of a sudden, a youthful and learning experience becomes a tradition.Madrid Museum Tours (English) The Madrid Book Fair at Retiro Park  This has been the case for me in respect to Madrid’s Book Fair at Retiro Park. Ever since I can remember (from the late sixties onward), people flocked to Retiro Park’s Book Fair in the spring searching for wisdom and enlightenment as found in books. Writers, well known and unknown, signed their literary production to eager consumers who visited the stands of bookshops and publishing houses placed along the Paseo de Carruajes in the Retiro. Bestselling authors were the most sought after. They had their field day and got the most media coverage but what was more rewarding to me was the opportunity to engage in face to face conversations with the “not-so-famous” writers whose work I had discovered at small bookshops in the so-called bohemian districts of turn-of-the century Madrid. Some of them seemed shy and withdrawn but once they detected one’s genuine interest in their work, they opened up and shared with you their knowledge and inspiration. This is also true of what goes on today at the Book Fair.Madrid Museum Tours (English) The Madrid Book Fair at Retiro Park   My advice: look for the stands where people don’t stand in huge lines waiting for their opportunity to get a glimpse at close range of glamorous literary stars. Go for those where the author stands alone and dignified inside the stall of his low budget publishing house. Most likely, you will experience the pleasure of discovery and authenticity. No small matter. Literature, nowadays, is a struggling industry and the big players don’t take risks. Luckily, for lovers of the real thing, there are many small publishing houses which have flourished in the last decade and are betting on new talent. Give these unknown authors a chance and maybe your soul will thank you for it. In any case, the Retiro Park is waiting and Madrid’s Book Fair will be there until June 11. Aside from hay fever, literature will be in the air.
Madrid Museum Tours (English) The Madrid Book Fair at Retiro Park

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