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(English) Madrid

18 Январь, 2018

(English) Let me tell you that there were cobblestones on the Paseo del Prado, trams running through the Arguelles...

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(English) The Feet of Goya’s Maja or his Obsession for their Feet

6 Декабрь, 2017

(English) There is no doubt that painting feet was a great challenge for artists and probably required more effort...

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(English) G.B. Tiepolo Clouds

1 Ноябрь, 2017

(English) Visiting museums with painters is a luxury. They point out details of compositions that go unnoticed by visitors.

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(English) Looking out the window

4 Октябрь, 2017

(English) Pictures of people standing in front of a window tend to attract the viewer instinctively. People at a...

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(English) Detached of the Others

17 Сентябрь, 2017

(English) In 1925, German expressionist painters highlighted the indifference and existential isolation of people living in the Great City.

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(English) Summer of 17

3 Август, 2017

(English) The third week of July has been very happy and active for our small, enthusiastic and well versed...

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(English) Summer in the city

21 Июль, 2017

(English) Granted. Madrid is hot in the summer. At times, it borders the unbearable for newcomers. Locals are used...

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(English) Night Tour of the Museum

16 Июнь, 2017

(English) As a Spanish saying goes “the last one turned off the lights” and the photographic magic of Fernando...

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(English) Hala & Johnny. A different Madrid

16 Июнь, 2017

(English) There is no better 'tip' than seeing a happy face, that of our customers. When this happens, we...

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(English) World Pride Madrid 2017

8 Июнь, 2017

(English) World Price Madrid 2017 is around the corner and Madrid will host a parade celebrated all throughout the...

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