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Prado Museum  hides many dazzling mysteries and perhaps the most interesting ones are those hidden in master pieces of great painters of the Renaissance and Baroque.

During the Renaissance emerged myths and taboos that directly conflict with the Church, while attempted to free thinking of the stifling influence of  ecclesiastical hierarchy.

Many Renaissance and Baroque painters became spokespersons of moral codes that differed from the Law enforcement Moral, sponsored by a perverted church which had gone away from its divine precepts.

Our Private Tour through the Mysteries of the Prado reveals , on one hand, the ingenious keys used by some masters of the art of painting to express his contempt for moral standards dictated by evil  Popes  and, on the other hand, rudimentary transformations suffered by certain canvases, made by other hands than those of the author, to misrepresent its true and original meaning.

As a result of that turbulent era aroused in Europe sects and pseudo-sciences  that threatened the moral order inherited from the Middle Age. Our clients will be  amazed with revelations  during this exciting Tour of countless rebellious symbols and superstitions emerged from the brushes of famous artists, creators of magnificent paintings which authentic meaning  remained secret until now.

We invite you to enjoy for the first time an unique Prado Museum Tour which has a critical significance for learning the exciting mysteries of its most renowned masterpieces and which will also transport you , on an unforgettable trip, to the ancient times of the geniuses of Renaissance’s and Baroque’s Art of Painting.

Prices in €uros per Tour, not per Person (21 % VAT to be added )

1 – 7 persons8 – 14 persons


Tour duration: 2,5 hours

Tours take place from Monday to Sunday between 10 AM and 5 PM.

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Admissions not included

All our guides are licensed by the Madrid Regional Government and Art History specialists.

Add to this ( following your museum tour ), a Private Tour of 2 hours Strolls in most amazing and genuine spots of Old Madrid for only Euros 66 ( VAT included)

Cancellation before 8 days of the tour : NO penalization

Cancellations less than 7 days before the tour have 100% cancellation cost

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