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(English) The Barrio de las Letras

20 Mai, 2017

(English) There are few neighborhoods in Madrid that bring back fond and easy-going memories of yesteryear and, simultaneously, stir...

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(English) Spain’s pop music is more than this

15 Mai, 2017

(English) Wasn't it a pity, wasn't it a shame...what a misrepresentation of what Spain has to offer in the...

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(English) The Circulo de Bellas Artes is the place to be

5 Mai, 2017

(English) In the heart of Madrid there is a place which locals and visitors in search of food for...

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(English) CONRADO

22 April, 2017

(English) Conrado Pineda Flores was a Chilean globetrotting painter, the father of a large family and my friend.

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(English) Bar menus

4 April, 2017

(English) They are scattered throughout the various districts of Madrid. We're talking about the bars which are spread all...

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(English) Sebastian Schrader

21 März, 2017

(English) It's a name difficult to pronounce and difficult to find in Spain. He is one year older than...

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(English) Madrid Water and Farewell to Winter

13 März, 2017

(English) The tap water we have in Madrid comes from 5 river basins and it is stored in 14...

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(English) Bye, bye Palafox Cinema

27 Februar, 2017

(Español) Es una ley de la naturaleza. Grandes templos del cine, antaño símbolos de máxima reverencia y esplendor visual...

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(English) Sad eyes ; 1943

28 Januar, 2017

(English) They say it was 1943 when Picasso said goodbye to Dora Maar and her heart turned into petals...

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(English) What’s in store in 2017 for Madrid

19 Januar, 2017

(English) As we have stated more often than not, Madrid is not only a friendly and welcoming city, it...

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