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It was a very good Year

4 January, 2017

2016 bids farewell and, as far as Madrid locals and visitors are concerned, there is not much to regret.

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26 November, 2016

Ferdinand, king of Sicily and heir to the throne of Aragon (which included the kingdoms of Catalonia, Valencia and...

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The Trump phenomena: a view from Spain

14 November, 2016

Oh, what a night! By now, everything has been said and written about the upset of the century. Donald...

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“Tertulia”, the Art of Conversation

2 November, 2016

The word “tertulia” is commonplace in Spain. It denotes a gathering where intellectuals get together in a stylish cafe...

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Every picture tells a story

24 October, 2016

I was taken to museums in my youth as part of educational field trips organized by our school to...

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The best of times and the worst of times in Madrid

18 October, 2016

Let’s face it. These are not the best of times for Spain. High unemployment, political turmoil, huge budget deficit,...

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Who is the man with the long beard?

12 October, 2016

If you're strolling down Madrid's Paseo de Recoletos (extension of Paseo de la Castellana), between Columbus Square (Plaza de...

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If you’re an App addict, Madrid is the place to be

4 October, 2016

Life is not what it used to be. Apps have changed it all and Madrid doesn’t lag behind. I...

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